About Me

Hello all,

My name is Sebastian Strickland. I recently graduated from college. One of the degrees probably makes since why I'm creating this website the other not so much. The first is Computer Information Systems and then I got Industrial Manufacturing and Emerging Technologies. I plan on using this website as a gateway to share my knowledge and learn from others. I will link to every website I create to this main WolfPack Online page, similar to a holdings company. My hobbies are computers obviously, modding (if you don't know, modding is editing or changing a game to make it either funner or give you an edge) Now there is several different schools you could say on modding for example one says, Modding is strictly cheating while others say its to make a game fun. I prefer the middle road where I'll teach both sides and leave it up to the user to decide which is morally right to them (or whether they care about morals). Other hobbies of mine include Martial Arts (I'm currently a 4th Dan (degree) Black Belt). I have had this website since back in 2011, it was kinda a side project of mine. Funny story I checked the site after remembering it a couple of days from writing this and realized no one could read my pages (the text was black on a black background). I thought you know what I'm going to fix my website and improve it.

My grammar is not very good, so if you find any problems with it use the comments section below the page or use the contact form. If there is anything I can help with just let me know, using the contacts form (not currently set up) on the left.